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backtrack hacking course dvd

Info:Backtrack Hacking Course DVD

Size: 7GB
Type: Torrent

Along With 45+ Modules 

1 Hacking Basics -MD5

2 Website Hacking -Sql Injection

3 Website Hacking -xss

4 Staying Secure

5 Modding Xbox Softmod
6 Wireless Hacking - Cracking WPA
7 Triple Boot
9 Local Password Cracking 
10 Lockpicking Basics 
11 Ettercap
12 Xss Tunnel
13 Playstaion 2 Softmod
14 cracking WEP update
15 Bypass Hotspot's Acesss Controls
16 Lockpicing DUmpkey
17 Phone Phreaking -Begie Box
18 Phone Phreaking -Snifing VOIP
19 Lockpicking DIY Padlock
20 Cracking WEP 
21 LOckingPicking Multi-Disc
22 Network Hacking -Arp Poisoning
23 wordpress Social Engineering
24 Metasploit Autopwn
25 Application Patching 
26 Windows SMB relay Exploit 
27 Password Phising 
28 CoMbine Files
29 Manipulating Windows User account 
30 Torjan Basics 
31 Evilgrade 
32 Dwonfalls of Anti-Virus software
33 Home Made Lock Pics
34 Fix Google Mail Enumerator
36 Bluetooth Hacking 
37 Windows Privilage Escalation
38 Local File Inclusion 
39 Alternate Data Streams
42 Ardunio Arp Cop
43 Beer Pong Table
44 Bypass Cisco Clean Access & Cisco NAC Appiance
45 DNS SPOOF virtual Hosts 
46 Deep Freeze
47 Email Injecion 
48 Extracting Database Information
49 Ping of Death

Download Free Backtrack 5R2 OS

At last after fixing bugs and development of more than 42 tools, the updated version of backtrack 5R1&2 is released. Running on 3.2.6 kernek with awesome support of wireless.And it is the great and fastest version of  backtrack ever!
Advance Features:- 

  • More than 42 new tools .added
  • Extreme Bugs are fixed
  • Metasploit 4.2.0, SET V3.0 ,BeEF are upgraded version
  • Updates of Ubuntu Included 

There are some other advanced features check the  official site of Backtrack

you can also update your existing backtrack by adding new update repository -

echo "deb revolution main microverse non-free testing" >> /etc/apt/sources.list 
apt-get update 
apt-get dist-upgrade     

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