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TUT] crack wifi password hacker

Get Into any Wireless Network with, Net tools 5
Have Wireless signals in your area? but cant use them cuz they have security? This Tut will tell you how too use nettools 5 to get into them,

First you need too see what wireless networks are in your area,
this is pretty simply first,

Open Control Panel

[Image: 795c8a29576c338676e782d2faeeb322.png]

Then view network status and tasks,
[Image: 0b0d3abcbd394834bb9187400e69fa0a.png]

Then click on manage wireless networks,
[Image: a4b5d2808c38aca4f781c858e63c7fc3.png]

Once you find what kinda security it has, as high lighted below, open nettools
[Image: 4055c6c725ab8042e648efbe020cf48a.png]

NetTools Side of TuT,
[Image: 336d30f23dfffe69a46ff389ab914b1d.png]

Once you have nettools open, then, Start> Network Tools> WEP/WPA Key Generator, it should look like it is below,
[Image: d2dff113940c8e8722213a1bddaf96cc.png]

Once Open, select the type of security that the Wireless network your trying to get into has, then select "Hex (0-9,A-F)",
[Image: 3d75c2aefd12e6bdd6b75d04443b24d5.png]

Now you Need too select a Key Length, the best one too use is, 64/40 bits, once you have done that,Be sure to click on the Calculate Key Space,
[Image: 55f862bcc8fea91a613c4e3b1924cca5.png]

Now simply hit Generate Code, and your code will appear,
[Image: 84ccac40013391bd19c6ede7c5b6ebbc.png]

Now simply copy and paste that into the password bar, when prompt to, when your connecting too the Wireless signal,
[Image: d84da18c388ff6a1196956d32dd9e8cd.png]

Then press ok and you're connected to the internet.

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