Bangla writing software AVRO

Bangla writing software AVRO

Free Bangla writing software:


Avro Keyboard and Bangla Spell Checker!

The last Bangla software package you'll ever need!
  • Fully Unicode Compliant
  • Efficient and Customizable
  • Built-in Bangla Spell Checker
  • Phonetic, Touch and Mouse based typing
  • Optional ANSI mode and Fonts
    where Unicode is not supported (like Photoshop)

    Avro Keyboard

    Portable Avro Keyboard and Spell Checker!

    Use your favorite Bangla software on the go!

    • No Installation Needed

    • No Bangla Fonts Needed

      has built in Automatic Virtual Font Installer

    • No Administrator Privilege Needed

    • All your settings/personalizations remain intact

    • Has all other features of Standard Edition

      Benefit List :

      English and Bangla typing in the same font:

      Open type fonts (OTF) allow you to type Bangla and English in the same font. You only have to change the keyboard mode.

      Bangla searching/sorting:

      UNICODE standard Bangla typing allows you to search/sort Bangla texts in accurate way without any hassle. Extremely useful when you are working in spreadsheet or database application.

      Faster Bangla typing:

      Like older methods of Bangla typing, you don't have to change the fonts every time you change keyboard between Bangla and English. Again, for using some matra/kar/short form of Bangla vowels like "o-kar", "ou-kar", you can use only one key to type them. These features have made Avro Keyboard as a perfect choice for professional typists for Bangla typing.

      Phonetic Bangla typing:

      Bangla typing gets its most modern form in Avro keyboard. Instead of using symbolic typing like old mechanical type writers, you can use easy phonetic typing method. Bangla typing is no longer a nightmare!!

      Bangla email:

      Outlook Express and other email clients those support UNICODE, let you mail in Bangla using Avro keyboard.

      Bangla chat/ Bangla instant messaging:

      Some instant messengers like MSN Messenger allow you to chat in Bangla. With Avro keyboard, you can even type Bangla and English in a single sentence in MSN Messenger. There is even no need to use any extra plug-in!

      Bangla font compatibility:

      Avro Keyboard is compatible with any UNICODE supported Bangla font. Even if you cannot afford to buy some commercial/shareware UNICODE compliant Bangla typing software, you can install the fonts of that software and use them with Avro Keyboard for Bangla typing.

    Bangla writing software AVRO

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