7 killer tips that every blogger use to rank higher

7 killer tips that every blogger use to rank higher

Now a day’s almost all the bloggers are trying to keep their blog ranking up and up. So today I 
am going to explain 7 Killer Tips that a bloggers should use to rank higher in blogging.
As per my analyses many bloggers do Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing for their blog to make the ranking or on the top of the Google Search result.
But this is not enough to rank high, I am not saying that these are not needed they are but there are other things also to divert your focus on. Here I am listing 10 Most Killer tips to rank high in the Google and on other Search Engines

7 killer tips that every blogger use to rank higher

Focus On Blogger Template

Yes, one of the most common factors for your blog rank is your template itself. If your template is not SEO friendly or does not show properly in the web browser then it of no use of Google to show your blog in the search list.

URL Uniqueness and Catchiness 

As you all know that Google is one big data base of all time. It have all the website, blog, accounts which are been made every since stored in it. 

Google only index the new catchy headings and URL’s which it come in contact with. So your blog title, URL, Articles heading all should be catchy and unique that no one else before had that name.

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Loading Speed And Time 

For average, Google give priority to the website which have loading time less than 1sec yes less than 1sec is the need of Google to Index your blog to get more hits from search engines. 

Being Creative 

Creativeness comes from inside. The more you are creative and attractive via your blog the more people will love it and visit it more often this will get you high rank in Google because every hits counts.

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Make your Blog Mobile Ready 

Most of the people who visit your blog come via mobile and not laptop or pc. So, to get good ranking and being user-friendly your blog should be Mobile ready. To make it you can add CSS templates in the advance option.

 Target Audience 

For having a good rank you must have a good audience. For   having a good audience you should have good content. Good content comes from mind and not Google. Write for audience and not for Search engine. Most of the blogger write for search engine and not for the audience. This makes people less interested in reading your blog.

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 Promotional Advantage 

 Many bloggers do lots of promotion to get high ranking. This is one of the most used technique to get quick and high ranking in Google Search. If you have a paid domain then you will get ranking fast and good. 

So these are the top 7 ways to get your blog into high ranking.

 Hope this article will help you understand what you are doing wrong for not  getting ranked till now.Thanks for reading the article

7 killer tips that every blogger use to rank higher

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