Hacker Theme For Windows 7

Hacker Theme For Windows 7

  • Rainmeter Application.
  • Hacker  Theme for window 7.
  • Rocket Dock Application
  • Hacker Desktop Wallpaper

  • Download Rainmeter:

  • Once you have downloaded the Rainmeter application just install it, in installation it may download some files from other mirrors so the installation time is depend upon the internet speed you have. Once downloaded then you are ready for the hacker theme installation in windows 7. 

  •                                      Click Here For Download Rainmeter

  • Download the Rocket Dock Application:

  • Download Rocket Dock  and install it and to make a Look same as in shown above, change the Skin to painter skin from Setting of Dock.

  •  Click Here For Download Rocket Dock

  • Download Hacker theme for Windows 7:

  • Download the above files and extract it and once you have done with extraction then go to folder and click on Rainmeter Skin file and wait for a few seconds. Once Rainmeter configured this skin it will enable the theme and here you go. Now you can drag the widget according to your need and wish and can apply some more customization to make it cool.

  • Click Here For Download Hacker Theme

Hacker Theme For Windows 7

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