How To Report Unwanted Calls/SMS To PTA

How To Report Unwanted Calls/SMS To PTA

  • All of us daily receive many calls, SMS from our friends, Family members. But sometimes it happens that we do receive Some SMS/Calls which we really do not want to receive. Even some from the Telco, your service provider. Some of the people try to hire some SMS Marketing Companies, and they keep sending you SMS, even some of the SMS are about the products which you even can not imagine to read that text with your family.

  • These types of Unwanted SMS/Calls are against the Law. You can report these type of SMS/Calls to the PTA and PTA Will surely take action against them.

  • Procedure:
  • Send an SMS to 9000 with these details;

  • Text Content which you received.
  • Sender Cell Number
  • Your Name, and ID Card Number
  • Any other details you want to add regarding Sender.

  • Charges:
  • 10 Paisa Including Tax will be charged for sending Text on 9000.

  • Once you are done, PTA is going to take action for sure, whether is the Telco Company, or any person who is sending you unwanted SMS.

How To Report Unwanted Calls/SMS To PTA

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