my laptop has become very Slow, how can I speed things up?

my laptop has become very Slow, how can I speed things up?
How to increase laptop or pc speed
How to increase laptop or pc speed
My pc is running slow what steps am i able to do to repair it?


Tip: This page solely cowl AN overall slow pc and not a pc that encompasses a slow boot up.

Below square measure steps for Microsoft Windows users that ought to facilitate speed up the pc or verify why the pc is running slow.


If your pc has not been boot recently make certain to boot it before following any of the below steps.

Background programs

One of the foremost common reasons for a slow pc square measure programs running within the background. take away or disable any TSRs and beginup programs that mechanically start whenever the pc boots.

Tip: to check what programs square measure running within the background and the way abundant memory and computer hardware they're victimization open Task Manager.  If you're running Windows seven or higher run Resmon to urge a stronger understanding of however your pc is getting used.

If you've AN antivirus scanner on the pc, spyware protection program, or different security utility make certain it is not scanning your pc within the background. If a scan is current it will decrease the general performance of your pc.

Free disk drive area

Verify that there's a minimum of 200-500MB of free disk drive area. This on the market area permits the pc to possess space for the disc space to extend in size also as space for temporary files.

Determining on the market disk drive area.
Regaining pc disk drive area.
Bad, corrupted or fragmented disk drive

Run ScanDisk, chkdsk, or one thing appreciate verify there's nothing physically wrong with the pc disk drive.
Run Defrag to assist make sure that information is organized within the very best order.
User different software system tools to check the disk drive for any errors by gazing the good of the drive.
Scan for malware

Today, spyware and different malware could be a massive reason for several pc issues together with a slow pc. albeit AN antivirus scanner is put in on the pc we have a tendency to advocate running a malware scan on the pc. Use the free version of Malwarebytes to scan your pc for malware.

Hardware conflicts

Verify that the Device Manager has no conflicts. If any exist resolve these problems as they may be the reason for your downside.
Update Windows

Make sure you've got all the newest Windows updates put in within the pc.
If {you square measure|you're} on the web once your pc is slow additionally make certain all browser plugins are up-to-date.
Update your drivers

Make sure you've the newest drivers for your pc, particularly the newest video drivers. Having outdated drivers will cause AN assortment of problems.

Memory upgrade

If you've got had your pc for over 2 years it's doubtless you are pc isn't meeting the memory needs for these days. Today, we recommend a minimum of 1GB of memory (RAM). By having enough memory for programs to run inside memory your pc won't got to swap info hold on inside memory to the disc space. If your pc disk drive lightweight is consistently active, its an honest indication of your pc is swapping info betewen your memory and disk drive as a result of the shortage of area in memory.

Determining what proportion RAM is put in and on the market.
What kind of hardware to use in an exceedingly memory upgrade?
Hard drive upgrade

One of the largest bottlenecks of a pc is that the magnetic disk drive. For anyone with a slow pc or simply searching for one thing to upgrade within the pc to enhance overall system performance going from a conventional HDD to a Solid State Drive (SSD) can considerably improve the general system performance.

Run register cleaner

We usually don't advocate register cleaners. However, if you've got followed all of the higher than steps and your pc remains slow strive running a register cleaner on the pc.

Computer or processor is warming

Make sure your pc and processor isn't warming. Excessive heat will cause a major decrease in pc performance since most processors mechanically step the speed of the processor all the way down to facilitate compensate complete the warmth connected problems.

What temperature ought to my processor be running at?
Dust, dirt, and hair also can constrict a correct air flow on your pc, which may additionally cause a pc to overheat. make certain your pc case is clean and fans don't seem to be barred.

Steps on improvement your pc.
Erase pc and begin over

If none of the higher than solutions resolve your problems, it's counseled that you simply either put in Windows or erase everything then begin over.

Old pc

If your pc is older than 5 years come back to terms that it's doubtless the age of the pc that's inflicting it to be slow. Computers progress at AN minacious rate as new programs and updates for programs kick off their minimum needs increase and can cause older computers to impede. If your pc is older than 5 years we recommend getting a replacement pc or simply understand when following the higher than steps it's getting to run slower than a more moderen pc.

How typically ought to I purchase a replacement computer?
Hardware problems

Finally, if your pc continues to be slower than traditional when going over every of the higher than recommendations (including erasing and beginning over) it's doable that your pc is experiencing a additional serious hardware connected issue like a failing part within the pc. this might be a failing or unhealthy disk drive, CPU, RAM, motherboard, or different part.
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my laptop has become very Slow, how can I speed things up?

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