Baidu Antivirus

Baidu Antivirus
Baidu Antivirus

Baidu Antivirus 2013 is an security software by Beijing’s top major web company. This free beta release is in full English and provides an excellent safeguard for your computer. You can even send feedback to Baidu and help change features for the final release. Even in its beta form Baidu Antivirus 2013 has all the fundamentals to stop and find viruses. 

Baidu Antivirus 2013 includes full scans that will check your entire computer, quick scans for top level problems, and custom scans to hunt specific problems. You can also opt into real-time protection with additional features such as file system protection, proactive defense, web access protection, and self-defense. Unfortunately, most of these more complicated features only have short rollovers that briefly explain what they do.
Baidu Antivirus 2013 also contains a feedback window where you can provide suggestions or report errors to Baidu. You can easily attach images or files to help clarify your issues. There is an option to include your contact information such as email, Line, MSN, or even Facebook. 
Baidu Antivirus

Baidu Antivirus 2013 has large icons that make it very easy to understand their function. When you first open the app you’ll be presented with buttons to select full, quick, or custom scans. An arrow tab on the right will reveal the real time protection tab. Here you can slide large switches to turn options on and off.
You can further customize Baidu Antivirus 2013 in its detailed settings menus. Here you can schedule automatic openings and scannings, choose what happens to quarantined programs, and how thorough each scan will be. There are also buttons to quickly reach Baidu’s website and community forums.

Baidu Antivirus 2013 looks clean with a simple white and blue color scheme. All of its features are laid out intuitively and we have not encountered any bugs or slowdown. Full scans will likely take a long amount of time, but the scanning process had no noticeable effects on computer performance. One thing to note is that the beta of Baidu Antivirus 2013 has no audio or pop-ups to let you known when a job is completed.

Baidu Antivirus 2013 is an efficient tool for protecting your computer. The beta works great without noticeable hitches. If you do experience any problems Baidu is happy to hear feedback of how Baidu Antivirus 2013 can be further improved.

Baidu Antivirus

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