Panda Internet Security 2014

Panda Internet Security 2014
Panda Internet Security 2014Panda Internet Security 2014 is an antivirus that works to provide real-time protection against spyware, rootkits, phishing and banker Trojans, in order to keep your identity and privacy safe when you are online. With that aim, this software makes the most of cloud-based services: its virus database is huge as it is located online and it is regularly updated. The cloud-based nature of this service has a direct impact on performance, which is now faster and does not slow down your computer.
It works to provide real-time protection against spyware, rootkits, phishing and banker Trojans
A remarkable enhancement in this version is the inclusion of multi-thread technologies that enable a faster and more exhaustive scanning process. Moreover, the interface of Panda Internet Security 2014 has been redesigned, in line with the latest OS visual appearance of Windows 8. It is now more colorful and each function has its own box, which makes access a lot easier. The firewall, for instance, can be found in the orange box. 
Panda Internet Security 2014

What can I do with this program?
Panda Internet Security 2014 allows access to your computer whenever you want, wherever you are by its Remote Access function. This way, you can let others connect to your system or share your files in seconds. Similarly, you can create Backup copies of all your archives, so can forget worrying about unexpected data loss, as your files will always be recoverable. You can use the Rescue Kit too, just in case your computer gets infected.
The best way to prevent others attacking you is barring access to pass through your security controls. This is the main task of the firewall: to control what comes in and to check what goes out. Its work is especially relevant when it comes to navigating the web using a Wi-Fi network, as they are the most common entry point for threats. In addition, the USB Vaccine performs a similar analysis for external storage devices, and the Web filter does it for the online environment.
It includes a Multimedia/Gaming mode for those who want to enjoy any kind of multimedia content or play games without interruptions. It disables prompts and alerts; however, the antivirus will keep working behind-the-scenes. This software also has a Parental Control feature, which allows you to select what sites your children can visit (and which they cannot) as well as monitor what they do when they are online.
Panda Internet Security 2014

Panda Internet Security 2014 Features
The unique features of this software are:
  • Remote access from any other computer
  • USB vaccine to scan and clean external storage devices
  • Web filter to provide a secure browsing experience
  • Parental Control to monitor and restrict children’s Internet usage and downloads
  • Firewall to block intruders and hackers’ entrance, even through wireless networks
  • Multimedia/Gaming mode to watch videos or play games without disturbances; the antivirus will keep running in the background
  • Anti-spam filter to keep your mailbox free from unwanted or junk messages
  • Ability to create Backup copies to safeguard and restore the most important archives as well as a Rescue Kit
If you want to read more information about Panda Internet Security 2014 before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s site.

Panda Internet Security 2014

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