Photo! Editor 1.1

Photo! Editor 1.1

Photo! Editor, previously known as Photo Toolkit, is a basic retouching tool with which you can fix and optimize your digital images in a couple of clicks. 

Photo editing features
The most outstanding feature of this photo editor is its seamless integration with Windows Explorer, which means it adds a whole new command group to image file context menus. These commands enable you to launch Photo! Editor's main tools straight away, without having to open the program first.
As for the tools included in Photo! Editor, it's a pretty basic program. That said, Photo! Editor works perfectly fine for small retouching tasks such as optimizing colors, removing red eye or even clearing someone's skin of spots, wrinkles and other slight imperfections. Other tools included are a resampling/cropping utility, some really cool light effects and a caricature tool to apply a hilarious morphing effect to your photos.

Flawed browsing
The only drawback to Photo! Editor is that there's no way to browse the folder's contents using thumbnails. This means that if your photo file names are not descriptive enough, you'll have to click on them one by one just to find out which picture they correspond to.

Outdated look and features
Although Photo! Editor provides easy access to tools for fixing red eye, enhancing color, and even creating caractures, they still feel very basic. The interface is where the app falls flat, as the design is very dated, where as free apps like Picasa continue to evolve.

Photo! Editor is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a simple, lightweight and easy-to-use photo editor to fix their digital images.

Photo! Editor is the new name of Photo Toolkit.

Photo! Editor 1.1

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